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Serving the industry since 1932

 Boggs Tool has a reputation for consistent work. Our clients are worldwide, from the Fortune 500, to one-man shops and include many craft guilds who use and recommend our tool sharpening services.  We keep you on the cutting edge with new tools and tool sharpening services that restore any size, shape or style of used rasp, file, end mill, drill, countersink or burr to a "like new" or "better than new" condition.  All sharpened files are block-tested and inspected.  Those which fail are dipped dark red and rejected.  Even rejected files are vastly improved and can still be used very effectively. 


Sharpening Services Include

Rasps, hand files, burrs, drill bits, counterbores, keycutters, spot facers, countersinks, reamers, milling cutters, end mills, roughing mills, taps, shellmills and others

 and may feature the advantages of our ABRASIVE BLAST LIQUID HONING PROCESS to sharpen files and other small tooth tools as seen in American MachinistAnvil's Ring and many other industry publications.  Using steam, we relief-grind with abrasive blasting, taking material from the back edge of the tool to reform and sharpen the edge.  Our process will give you the sharpest edge possible.  


Go Green! Save Money & Conserve Our Natural Resources By Recycling Your Cutting Tools!

We also carry new tools. Call us for availability & pricing. 

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