Diamond Division

Diamond Products


Escapement-type:  half-round, crossing, barrette, three square, equaling, square and round

Diamond Needle-type:  Barrette, equaling, warding, crochet, crossing, knife and slitting

Hand Machine Files:  various configurations including riffler-type

Diamond files are used in a variety of applications where fine, accurate, work is necessary.  The sizes range from 56mm (2") to 220mm (8-1/2").  The file blanks are made from hardened steel.  These blanks are electroplated with an ultra-high concentration of precisely-graded diamond particles.  Diamond needle files are used to grind hard materials such as tungsten carbide, steels 40HRC & up, ceramic materials & glass.  A must for tool, die, extruding & repair shops.  The larger files are widely used for filing large areas of different metals, as well as, hard plastics, fiberglass, graphite & epoxy materials.  The hand machine files are ideal for use in polishing molds & carbide dies when working, by hand, or on a reciprocating filing machine.  Grits come in standard 80/100, 120/140, 170/200, 325/400, and 600.  

Plastic mold makers & aluminum extruders will find a unique assortment of thin, tapered, files for internal filing in slots & grooves where access with parallel files is virtually impossible.


Extrusion industry professionals will find a wide variety of diamond wire available from .021 to the more popular .039.  This diamond wire is electroplated nickel with diamond and very effective on nitrided parts.


For vibration-free work, choose the closest head-diameter-to-hole-diameter and the shortest length.  Grinding pins are electroplated by a very precise process.  The diamond & CBM powders are carefully selected & treated for precision and consistency.  Grinding pins are widely used on jig & internal grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines & hand tools.  These pins are used for internal grinding operations of dies, special punches, cutting tools, stainless steel and exotic super alloys, etc.  Although, mainly used for tungsten carbide, ceramics, glass & non-ferrous materials, CBN pins are used for grinding high-carbon, high chrome steel, high speed steels such as M2, M3 & die steels like D2.

Note: We also carry many tools not listed.  Call us for availability and pricing.