Endmill division

Solid Carbide (High Speed also available)

American made 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 flute solid carbide endmills.  Metric & fractional sizes available in single & double ends for finishing & roughing.  Standard radius, ball, corner radius, medium & high helix endmills.

Regular & stub flute lengths from .005" to .065" by .001" increments & from .065" to .120" by .005" increments.  Long flute lengths, High Performance, progressive and unequal index geometries.  Fabricated for fiberglass, circuit boards, composites and zirconia, among others.  Available in TicN, TiALN (AlTin) and other coatings for extended tool life.


1-flute designed for composites, wood & softer ductile plastics.

2-flute recommended for maximum chip clearance at higher feed rates.

2-flute Aluma-cut can be operated at extremely high speeds for maximum chip removal in non-ferrous materials.  Best for use in aluminum, zinc, plastics & non-metals.

3-flute provides for best finishes in slotting & profiling for non-ferrous materials.

3-flute 60 degree high helix for stainless steel & exotics.

4 & 5-flute for superior finishes with increased feed rates.

6-flute for chatterless finishing, designed for harder materials.

6-flute 40 degree helix for excellent shearing action, diminished distortion in critical applications and superior finish in all applications.