File Division



We sell a large assortment of various brands of files from Nicholson, Simonds, Warrensville, Grobet and Belotta. We also sell various types, grades and grits of Diamond files.


We sharpen files, rasps and key cutters using (liquid honing) abrasives driven by steam pressure.

The abrasive blast removes metal from the backsides of the teeth until the edge is reformed. We

make these edges very sharp.

All files are sharpened first, then block-tested and inspected. If they fail, they are marked red.

This means they cannot be sharpened again so please do not send them back to us. These

(rejected) files are vastly improved and will still give you plenty of use.

Rust is not a problem. We can remove most, if not all, of the rust depending on where it is at.

Some brand-new files are not as sharp as they can be when first purchased. We sharpen new files

as well.

$ .22 per linear inch for American Pattern Files

Rejected American Pattern Files are $ .25 each

$ .50 per linear inch for Vixen, Swiss and Wood Rasp Files

Rejected Vixen, Swiss and Wood Rasp Files are $ .50 each


We also charge for shipping back to you.

We use UPS or U.S.P.S. Priority Flat Rate Box, whichever is cheaper.

The minimum number of files you can send us in one.

Turn-around time is generally one week in-house plus shipping time back to you.

For First Time Customers, we will call you when your files are done and ask that you pay up front via credit card over the phone or by check then set up a Net-30 Account for any orders thereafter. If the order is less than $100.00, we may just ship your files out with an Invoice to be paid within 30 days of receipt, thus setting up your Net-30 Account at that time.


Ship Files to:


14100 Orange Avenue

Paramount, CA 90723

Please include a Business Card or Note with your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email and state how many files you sent inside the box.

When shipping files to us, please wrap the files with newspaper tightly so they do not rub on each other and put them in a heavy-duty box. Pack the box with filler of some sort so they do not move around in the box. Cut the side corners down to just the top of the files and fold flaps down and over the files so they are snug. Include your Contact Information inside the box. STRAP the box so it can withstand conveyer belts, pushed, pulled, dropped, etc. with strapping tape or duct tape. If you are shipping Priority Flat Rate Boxes, please note that these boxes are too lightweight to withstand the weight of files and break open easily. For this reason, we suggest you take the heavy-duty box, packed as instructed above, and put that in the Priority Flat Rate Box. Then STRAP the Priority Box with strapping tape or duct tape really good! Make sure to address the heavy-duty box too in case it becomes loose or separated from the priority box so you don’t lose your files.

Please call us for information or pricing on files not listed hereon.